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The New Jersey Armed Forces Day Festival offers great opportunities for potential sponsors.


2017 New Jersey Armed Forces Day Festival and Liberty Lightning 10K Sponsorship

As the lead in event to the Fleet Week Celebration, the New Jersey Armed Forces Day Festival at Liberty State Park is a community celebration to pay tribute and honor our active duty military and veterans in the community.  With every branch of the military on display and in performance, the festival will highlight the cultural diversity and strength of northern New Jersey and the Hudson River community. Along with the Liberty Lightning 10K race, this event offers a multifaceted PR program connected to a quickly expanding demography which offers maximum brand exposure and increases brand awareness through a family friendly atmosphere with healthy activities and fun for all.

This event offers both program event and custom sponsor packages that include access to every major media market, a social media platform with eleven internet outlets and a year-long schedule of networking festival and competitive running program events.  Contact us for more information and become a valued member of this growing event team.



Vendors have exclusive access to the general public at an event that is free to teh public and includes participants of the Liberty Lightning 10K race in the morning of the festival on Saturday May 20, but also, the LL10K offers a Friday night (before the  race) race packet pick up that is a great opportunity for direct contact with the race participants and registrants. With music and food offered, it is quickly becoming a pre-race party.

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